HR Audits & Assessments

Our HR Audit & Assessment Solutions

We carry out HR audits & leadership assessments to help investors and managers make smart decisions. We perform HR due diligence for investments or acquisitions, optimize the performance of leaders and companies, and help underperforming or struggling companies bounce back. We offer 4 solutions:


To improve the company’s execution capabilities

A comprehensive audit that assesses the 6 pillars of a company’s human capital from the perspective of the organization’s key people.


To improve the performance and impact of leaders

An individual assessment of leaders and managers based on the analysis of several sources of human data


To improve the management team collective efficiency and cohesion

A collective diagnosis of the management team based on the perspective of all its members


To improve team well-being and commitment

An in-depth engagement diagnosis based on the feelings, opinions and ideas of all employees, assessing all company departments and sites.

Our Strengths

Digitalized, Efficient & Fast Processes

We use proprietary and third-party digital tools to conduct rapid assessments that require few resources and little time on the part of our customers and contacts.

A Data-Driven Approach

We collect and analyze a wide range of qualitative and quantitative data to provide new information, make relevant diagnoses, and inform the decision-making of managers and investors.

Support For Change

We make recommendations and can advise & coach leaders & management teams to implement the necessary changes and transformations.

An International Coverage

We have carried out audits in 10 countries, with participants of over 40 different nationalities. Our audits can be carried out remotely in English or French, anywhere in the world.

A 5-Step Process


Understanding context and needs


Audit or assessment phase between 1 and 4 weeks


Results and recommendations


Change assistance (Optional)


Annual follow-up assessment (Optional)

Human Capital Audit

We conduct human capital audits on behalf of investors and managers in 4 contexts:

HR Due Diligence

Help investors make the right investment or acquisition decisions by revealing strengths and risks, and identifying actions for post-investment improvement (More information here about our HR Due Diligence solutions)

Human capital optimization plan

Design a human capital optimization plan by identifying the human, managerial and organizational levers for improvement to be activated to enable the company to meet or exceed its objectives.

Diagnosis of underperforming or struggling business

Understand the internal human, managerial and organizational reasons for difficulties and design a resolution or rebound plan by identifying the priority actions to be taken.

Diagnosis of distressed businesses

Understand the internal human, managerial and organizational reasons for the crisis and design a crisis recovery plan by identifying the priority actions to be taken.

Our Method

Our fast & efficient audit process lasts between 2 and 3 weeks and assesses 6 pillars of human capital:

1. Leaders

2. Governance & Management Team

3. Strategic Alignment

4. Culture & Commitment

5. Organization & Operations

6. HR management

Assessment Of Leaders

We can evaluate the CEO of a company, members of the management team or all managers. We conduct individual and group assessments of leaders in 4 contexts:

HR Due Diligence

Gain a better understanding of a target company’s management team, inform investment decisions and identify post-investment improvements or changes (more information here about our HR Due Diligence solutions)

Development of leaders & managers

Identify strengths and areas for improvement, and design a management development plan to boost performance, impact and energy.

Recruitment of leaders

Select the best internal and external candidates for management positions and facilitate the integration of new C-Level recruits.

Supporting leaders in difficulty

Understand the reasons for difficulties, identify strengths and areas for improvement, and devise a plan to bounce back or emerge from the crisis.


Our Method

Our fast and efficient assessment process lasts between 10 days and 2 weeks. We can use 6 sources of human data to evaluate leaders

Personality tests

Individual interviews

Taking references

Self-assessment of leadership skills

360° feedback on leadership skills

Career and CV analysis

Our Assessment Tools

As part of our executive assessments, we use third-party tools and proprietary tools developed by WINGMIND.

Hogan Assessments / A tool for assessing personality, behavior under pressure and values

  • Hogan Assessments are world-renowned personality tests, based on over 40 years of scientific research and recognized in the assessment of leaders. The online tests take between 45 minutes and an hour to complete, with 3 different questionnaires.
  • Hogan tests assess 3 dimensions:
    • HPI / The “Bright Side”: strengths and limitations in everyday life
    • HDS / The “Dark Side “: risks of derailment and behavior under pressure
    • MVPI / The “Inside “: values and sources of motivation

WISDOM Index / A tool for self-assessment and 360° feedback to assess leaders’ emotional, relational, efficiency and managerial skills

  • A proprietary tool from WINGMIND
  • An assessment for one person or a group of people with individual and collective results
  • Can be used for self-assessment or for 360 feedback assessment from colleagues
  • An assessment of leadership skills based on 4 pillars:
    • EMOTIONS / Emotional Intelligence
    • RELATIONSHIPS / Interpersonal skills
    • PROFESSIONAL EFFICIENCY / Achievement & Performance Skills
    • TEAM MANAGEMENT / Managerial skills
  • Revealing strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of priority development areas

MyTEAM Index / A tool for assessing collective performance and management team cohesion

  • A proprietary tool from WINGMIND
  • A collective assessment dedicated to Management Teams
  • Evaluation of the team’s 3 dimensions :
    • ME dimension / Individual development
    • YOU dimension / Quality of relationships
    • WE  dimension / Strength of the team
  • Identification of team strengths and weaknesses
  • Gathering suggestions for improvement

Employee Engagement Survey

We conduct employee surveys to help leaders measure and improve the well-being, engagement and performance of their teams.

TEAM Index is a proprietary employee survey system designed to assess and improve team well-being and engagement.

  • Evaluation of key engagement indicators
  • Identifying reasons for employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Results by department, site, gender, age group, seniority and managerial responsibility
  • Main areas for progress and suggestions for improvement
  • Departure risk analysis

Our Clients

Private Equity & Venture Capital



Contact us

Your contact: David Chouraqui

Areas of expertise:

  • Management and governance
  • Emotional and relationship intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship and business development
  • Corporate finance, M&A and private equity
  • Team well-being and performance

For the past 10 years, David has been working with executives, entrepreneurs and managers to help them manage and drive change, and develop their businesses and teams. He specializes in supporting leaders and management teams during times of transition.

  • C-Level Advisor & Coach
  • HEC Grande Ecole graduate
  • Trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching & certified in HOGAN assessments
  • Since 2012: Founder of WINGMIND, a human capital consultancy specializing in HR audits & assessments & C-level advisory & coaching
  • 2010-2015: Digital entrepreneur. Founder of Closing Circle, a digital media company dedicated to private equity and mergers & acquisitions, which he sold to the Leaders League media group in July 2015.
  • 2005-2010: Private equity investor. European business development manager for a US private equity firm specializing in the acquisition of technology and telecom companies
  • Since 2013: Professor of finance, entrepreneurship and managemnt in business schools


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