TEAM Index

The Voice Of The Team

An employee survey to assess and improve team well-being and engagement

An online survey to listen to teams

A confidential online consultation of all employees, gathering their opinions, feelings and ideas to enable all voices to be heard.

A results report to measure and understand the level of team engagement

A report that measures the level of team engagement, reveals the organization’s strengths and areas for improvement, and identifies employees’ needs and problems.

Expert support to identify levers for improving engagement

An expert who summarizes the key insights and priorities, and advises managers on implementing actions to improve team engagement and performance.

A consultation on key factors for team engagement

Working conditions

Compensation & Benefits

Vision & Strategy

Organization & Process

Information & Communication

Workload & Objectives

Products & Services

Customer relations

Management & Relations with N+1

Values & Behaviors

Positive Impact Of Company

Ambiance & Conviviality

Resources & Equipment

Learning and development opportunities

Stress level

A comprehensive results report to understand and improve team engagement levels

Assessing employee energy levels

The main reasons for employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction revealed and analyzed

Identifying participants’ professional motivators

Measurement of 25 indicators to reveal strengths and areas for improvement

Results presented by department, site or function, as well as by gender, age bracket and seniority

Measuring your company’s recommendation index

Employee departure risk analysis

A 5-step process lasting between 3 and 5 weeks


Framing the project with referents

  • Clarifying issues and objectives
  • Definition of measured indicators and open questions

Launch communication to teams

to inform them about TEAM Index


Collecting responses

After being informed of the process, teams are invited by email to complete an online questionnaire on the WINGMIND platform. Responses are used to create a results report.


2-3 hour session with Management Team

to review and discuss results, possible actions to be taken and communication to teams.


Communication of results to teams

by email and/or presentation

The TEAM Index approach


Year-round support

with 1 or more consultations and regular work and follow-up sessions with management

An online survey every quarter, semester or year

with a questionnaire tailored to the company’s human and strategic challenges

  • Closed questions for measuring and monitoring indicators and voting
  • Open-ended questions to gather ideas and suggestions

Expert support

in collective intelligence and human change management

A results report with results presented by department, site or function

for targeted, actionable information

A confidential setting for participants

Responses to questionnaires do not pass through the customer company, which has no access to individual responses. The data returned to the company is collective and includes the results of at least 5 people.

A la carte services

consulting or coaching, depending on your needs, for your transformation and development projects

“None of us knows what we all know together.”


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David Chouraqui / Strategic advisor & executive coach

Areas of expertise:

  • Team well-being and commitment
  • Management and governance
  • Emotional and relational intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship and business development
  • Corporate finance, M&A and private equity

For the past 10 years, David has been working with executives, entrepreneurs and managers to help them manage and drive change, and develop their businesses and teams. He specializes in supporting leaders and management teams during times of transition.

  • Advisor & Executive Coach
  • HEC Grande Ecole graduate
  • Trained in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching and certified in HOGAN Personality Assessments
  • Since 2012: Founder of WINGMIND, a human capital consulting firm specializing in HR audits & assessments and executive consulting & coaching
  • 2010-2015: Digital entrepreneur. Founder of Closing Circle, a digital media company dedicated to private equity and mergers & acquisitions, which he sold to the Leaders League media group in July 2015.
  • 2005-2010: Private equity investor. European business development manager for a US private equity firm specializing in the acquisition of technology and telecom companies
  • Since 2013: Professor of management, entrepreneurship and finance at business school


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