Individual & Team Coaching

Customized individual or team coaching programs for executives and management teams

2 coaching formats

We are specialists in executive and team coaching and offer individual and team solutions:

Individual Coaching

For executives & entrepreneurs

  • Individual sessions of 1 to 2 hours led by an experienced coach
  • Virtual sessions via videoconference
  • Preparatory work by the coachee on the issues to be addressed: definition of challenges and objectives. One or more assessments to be carried out according to the coachee’s needs
  • An itinerary made up of appointments with a variable number of sessions depending on the coachee’s objectives. The possibility of starting with a tripartite session with the coachee, his/her N+1 and the coach to align the coaching objectives.
  • Goal-oriented work based on awareness, learning, strategizing and action.

Team Coaching

For management teams & partners

  • Short group sessions of 2 to 3.5 hours or a 1 to 5-day seminar led by an experienced coach specializing in collective facilitation.
  • Coaching of 2 to 20 people
  • Face-to-face or virtual sessions via videoconferencing
  • An itinerary consisting of regular meetings with a variable number of sessions depending on objectives, or a one-off seminar format. Preparatory work, individual interviews and any assessments to be carried out beforehand according to the needs of the coachees.
  • Collective work sessions for alignment and co-construction, practical exercises and resolution of the issues raised by participants.

Individual coaching to boost leaders' performance, impact and energy

Our individual coaching focuses on strengthening 3 pillars:


  • Achieving quantitative or qualitative objectives
  • Problem solving and optimal responses to changes, difficulties and crises
  • Value creation and performance improvement initiatives


  • Improving the leader’s impact on his or her team, peers and the company as a whole
  • Work on relationship management and communication
  • Developing the ability to cooperate and bring stability and energy to the group


  • Preserving physical, emotional and mental well-being and managing stress
  • Develop the ability to regenerate and take care of yourself.
  • Work on sources of motivation and de-motivation.
  • Seeking to align the leader with his or her function, the project and the company’s values.

Collective coaching to reinforce the collective effectiveness and cohesion of the management team

Our team coaching sessions focus on strengthening 3 pillars:


  • Team members share their strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Developing managerial and behavioral skills
  • Collective work on the challenges faced by each manager


  • Functioning and effectiveness of the management team – objectives, processes, resources
  • Work on relationships and communication between team members
  • Developing cooperation and collaboration
  • Conflict management and difficult situations


  • Collective diagnosis of the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Co-construction of vision and strategy
  • Implementation of strategy and roadmap for each perimeter
  • Work on transformation, adaptation and crisis management plans

A coaching approach based on 5 principles





Taking action

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Your contact: David Chouraqui

Areas of expertise:

  • Management and governance
  • Emotional and relational intelligence
  • Entrepreneurship and business development
  • Corporate finance, M&A and private equity
  • Team well-being and performance

David has been working with managers and entrepreneurs for 10 years, helping them to manage and lead change, and to develop their businesses and teams. He specializes in coaching executives and management teams.

  • Advisor & Executive Coach
  • HEC Grande Ecole graduate
  • Trained in systemic coaching (Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching) and Hogan-certified (Leadership Personality Assessments)
  • Since 2012: Founder of WINGMIND, a human capital consulting firm
  • 2010-2015: Digital entrepreneur. Founder of Closing Circle, a digital media company dedicated to private equity and mergers & acquisitions, which he sold to the Leaders League media group in July 2015.
  • 2005-2010: Private equity investor. European business development manager for a US private equity firm specializing in the acquisition of technology and telecom companies
  • Since 2013: Professor of management, entrepreneurship and finance in business schools

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