Employee Satisfaction & Engagement

A flash assessment of employee satisfaction & engagement

A video presentation in 1 minute 30!

The 3 objectives of TEAM Index FIVE

Assist managers in giving voice to their employees to assess their satisfaction and engagement
Help managers identify the main strengths and areas for improvement of their business
Help leaders take action to better attract, engage and retain talent in the company

What is TEAM Index FIVE?

A simple approach to listen to and consult employees via an online survey
A project that lasts 10 to 15 days and will take 5 minutes to survey participants
A report evaluating the satisfaction and engagement of the teams
A summary of your employees’ suggestions to help you progress
A cost of 5 000 € excl. tax up to 100 people + 5 € per additional person

What will you learn from TEAM Index FIVE?

20 indicators assess team satisfaction and engagement

1 open question collects employee improvement suggestions

Results are presented by teams and groups to identify disparities and sensitive populations requiring special attention

The main reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction are identified

5 themes and 20 indicators are measured

Individual Fulfilment

Team Spirit

Leadership, Strategy & Values


Organisation & Innovation

Do you want to implement TEAM Index FIVE in your company?

A 5-step process that lasts between 10 and 15 days :


Preparation of the survey

  • Preparatory interview with project leaders for planning
  • Return of the registration form and the list of staff required to send questionnaires
  • Communication to inform teams about the project


Collection of answers

  • Invitation by email of participants to complete an online questionnaire on the TEAM Index platform
  • 5 days of collection : Campaigns start on Monday and end on Friday


Data Analysis

  • Data processing and analysis
  • Preparation of a report presenting the results and insights from the survey


Presentation of Results

  • Presentation and explanation of the results to the top management or project leaders
  • Delivery of the results report


Communication to teams

  • Communication of the results to the teams
  • Management response / feedback to employees

And then ?

We can help you to deepen the assessment on a topic or a population
We can help you define or implement improvement actions
We can measure the evolution of your results every quarter, every six months or every year

Why do you need a third party to consult your teams?

Because you need a trusted third party to guarantee the confidentiality of the answers and the protection of the employees

Because you need a team engagement expert and an outside look to understand your results and provide effective solutions

A confidential framework for participants

The client company has no access to questionnaire individual responses. The data returned to the company are collective and always combine the results of at least 5 people.

What to expect if you participate in TEAM Index FIVE?

To identify your strengths on which you can rely and communicate to progress and strengthen your employer brand

To identify areas for improvement that you can work on to strengthen the engagement of your teams and the performance of your company

Your contact

David Chouraqui / ICF certified Coach

5 good reasons to participate in TEAM Index FIVE

5 minutes to answer our online survey
5 themes evaluated and 20 indicators measured
5 days to collect the answers
A 5-step project that lasts between 10 and 15 days
5 000 € HT jusqu’à 100 personnes puis 5€ par personne supplémentaire

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