TEAM Index
for Leaders

Leadership Team Development

Assessment & Coaching for Leadership Teams
(Executive Committees and Management Teams)

Make your Leadership Team progress and work better together


Phase I / Team Assessment : Assessment to listen and learn

  • Online consultation and individual interview with each member of the team to collect the feelings, perspectives and ideas of everyone
  • Leadership Team Assessment that evaluates collective performance and reveals the main strengths and axes of progress as well as the topics of consensus and disagreements
  • Identification of improvement levers for the team to work better and more effectively


Phase II / Team Activation : Support to take action and progress

  • Work with the team leader on objectives, framework and means
  • Team seminar with feedback of results, definition of priority development axes and first collective workshops
  • Support and follow-up of the team over 6 or 12 months with collective coaching or co-construction workshops on identified development topics and regular monitoring points

Why should your leadership team progress?

To positively impact the performance of the company and employees
To promote team adherence and commitment
To prevent the replication of negative behaviors or dysfunctions

Some examples of development axes

Clarify the mission and objectives of the team

Improve the way the team works

Improve relations and cooperation

Work collectively on transversal topics

Redefining the vision and strategy of the company

Resolve conflicts and disagreements

Reinforce team cohesion and team spirit

Take into account the opinions and feelings of the teams

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