Growth Impact Programs

Personal and Professional
Development Workshops

Develop the people skills of your teams

Group workshops combining coaching and training

  • Experiential collective workshops combining coaching and training to develop the people skills of professionals
  • An approach centered on exploration, learning and implementation
  • A place for expression and sharing
  • An atmosphere of benevolence, listening and lightness

For all employees or specific groups

  • For all employees
  • For specific groups : departments, managers, Women’s groups, etc…

Customized programs according to the needs of our clients

  • Our programs are designed to meet the issues and needs of our customers.
  • A program can deal with one or more development themes and be composed of one or more workshops.
  • Each workshop can accommodate between 4 and 25 participants and last between 2 hours and one day.
  • The workshops are animated by one or two facilitators according to the size of the groups.
  • Our programs may also include individual coaching sessions for participants.

Some examples of development themes

Learning to know yourself better

Identifying your values ​​to make better decisions

Overcoming limiting beliefs

Communicating effectively

Exploring your life balance and clarifying your priorities

Managing stress and hyperstress

Identifier les biais inconscients et développer l’inclusion

Accepting imperfection and learning from failures

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